Hi, I'm Caitlin Steinert

I'm a front-end developer with a background in design. I've been poking at HTML since '00, and don't intend to stop any time soon. I'm passionate about bringing designs to life. You can reach me here.


  • LunchBoat

    My team was tasked with creating a demo application to showcase Telerik's AppBuilder, Backend Services, and KendoUI Mobile products. The outcome was a fun, lunch-logistics app that is built in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript and runs both on iOS and Android.

    LunchBoat Showcase
  • Telerik Partner Network

    The Telerik Partner Network site needed to appeal to three audiences: existing partners, companies interested in becoming partners, and Telerik clients searching for partners to assist with their projects. I handled the interface design and HTML/CSS implementation. The site is built on Sitefinity CMS.

    Telerik Partner Network Showcase
  • Telerik Gear Store

    The aim of the Telerik Gear Store was to showcase and sell various Telerik-branded merchandise, particularly the popular Software Craftsmanship Calendar. These designs were created with the intention of showing off the merchandise while maintaining a clean UI and keeping with corporate branding standards.

    Telerik Gear Store Showcase
  • KendoUI Dojo

    This interactive tutorial-driven website allows users to explore and learn how to use Kendo UI by writing code directly in the browser. I was involved in the HTML/CSS implementation of existing designs. It has since been rebranded.

  • Chrome Camera

    Implemented designs for a PhotoBooth-style application for Google using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. It was shipped as the default camera application on all Chromebooks.

  • Stir Trek

    This pro-bono project involved working within the existing Stir Trek website structure to optimize the experience for mobile users.

    Stir Trek Showcase
  • Minty

    Minty is a theme that I created for Orchard CMS. Since its release in July of 2011, it has been downloaded over 13,500 times and is currently the 6th most popular theme in the Orchard theme gallery.

    Minty Theme

Public Speaking

  • Stir Trek: Ultron Edition

    May 1st, 2015

    Designing with C.R.A.P.

    Let's face it: the choices that designers make on a daily basis often seem completely arbitrary to developers. Typefaces, colors, and layouts are apparently plucked out of thin air. Why those ones? Who knows! There's a general impression that you have to be "artsy" and "gifted" to be a designer. While I'm sure that helps, the fact of the matter is that designers aren't pulling this stuff out of the ether. In fact, most design choices can be boiled down to four basic design principles. Together they're known (affectionately) as C.R.A.P., and just being aware of their existence will help you make better design judgements no matter where you rate on the dev-to-designer continuum.

    See the slides || Read the Twitter feed

Internet Citizenship

If "digital natives" do exist, then I count myself as part of that population. You can find me in the following communities: